EpiWave™ Ultrasonic

No other skin care treatment exists for all skin types and conditions without invasive surgery

EpiWave™ is the cutting-edge ultrasonic technology that utilizes low-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) in a three-stage process to repair the skin at a cellular level. The treatments are specifically designed for all skin types such as normal or aged, sun damaged skin, oily, clogged, problematic skin and highly sensitive Rosacea.

The EpiWave™ is very different from cheap skin scrubbers on the market. The machine has many transducers that convert electrical energy to mechanical vibrations; think of a gear shift in a car. Ultrasonic treatments are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and cannot damage the skin or cells.

  • Exfoliate using gentle distilled water and sound waves.
  • Deeply deliver anti-oxidants and promote cellular renewal.
  • A thorough exfoliation with no irritation or inflammation.
  • Without the use of crystals, salts or chemicals.
  • A safe, gentle alternative for sensitive skin in need of resurfacing.
  • For photo-aging skin, compromised by long-term sun exposure.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a continuous cycle of sound waves at frequencies of 20 kilohertz and higher.  Ultrasound technology is absolutely safe and in fact, it has a long history of use in medicine. Medical sonographic imaging is commonly used by obstetricians to monitor the condition of babies in the womb. Dentists use ultrasound to clean teeth; beneficial for its anti-bacterial properties.

How is an ultrasonic machine used in the beauty industry?

It is a science-based system for all skin types, performed in three steps.

  • Step 1: Ultrasonic Peel
  • Step 2: Sonophoresis
  • Step 3: Micro-Current Cell Renewal Therapy

Ultrasonic Peel

Step 1: Exfoliation

The EpiWave™ “spins” water molecules across the skin in vibrations 28,000 times per second, loosening the upper portion of the skin, whirling away dead skin cells and unleashing the skin’s power of cell turnover and the renewal process. EpiWave™ removes the micro-thin damaged layer as it stimulates the inner cellular layers of the skin.


Step 2: Antioxidant Infusion

The penetration modality of the EpiWave™ creates temporary microscopic pathways through the lipid portions of the stratum corneum. While molecules in topical preparations are small enough to penetrate, some are too large and require a pathway. With proper frequency power density, antioxidants and hydrating topical products can go where they are needed and not simply lie on top of the skin where they provide no benefit.

Micro-Current Cell Renewal Therapy

Step 3: Micro Treatments

Microcurrent treatments differs from higher current treatments because they are not designed to generate heat. Microcurrent treatments help restore the natural electrical potential of the cell membrane to assist proper cellular function. This function is also useful for skin that has poor circulation. Scientists know that poor circulation leads to lack of oxygen, which leads to the production of some of the more dangerous free radicals in the skin.



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